(336) 872-4121 7am to 10pm Please do not call outside these hours.

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Marcia will be preparing you a wonderful breakfast to start your day off right.  At time reservation. Please note  ONLY FOOD  ALLERGIES  , or  DIETARY  RESTRICTIONS    . Also , Please let me know If you do not want breakfast.

******Please understand that when I have a full house I am unable to accommodate food preferences, so at the time of reservations , only tell me of your food ALLERGIES & DIETARY RESRICTIONS. I prepare my menu ahead, each week  according to the number of guests that I have. So if you do not like the breakfast dish I am preparing the day of your reservation ,you may eat at the 9 am seating where I will have more time, so  that I can cook you another option.  AGAIN, Food preference options are NOT available before 9am, UNLESS you are the only guests in the house on that day. Thank-you. for your understanding. Marcia


Breakfast is served at 8:30 am. If you need to eat at 8 am or 9 am please let me know at time of reservation so that I can plan accordingly. Unfortunately, I am not able to offer breakfast before 8am.



stuffed french toast