You will be provided a breakfast both filling and delicious to tide you over until lunch at the very least. The breakfast menu varies and ranges from crustless quiche to blueberry French toast to a hearty breakfast strata and more. All accompanied with sides which can include; fresh fruit, bacon, toast, cinnamon rolls and even baked apples when in season.

Our laid back atmosphere allows guests to visit our 2 coffee/tea stations in their jammies and robes sipping coffee or tea in a mug made by one of Seagrove, North Carolina’s potters. Many guests also arrive at our breakfast room dressed and ready for the adventure of the day, your choice! Our breakfast room offers tables for 2 but we can accommodate seating for groups of varying size.

Breakfast is served at 8:30. We can accommodate earlier or later breakfast times with advance notification. We can also accommodate dietary restrictions as well as any individual likes/dislikes if notified at the time of your reservation, including vegan and/or gluten-free.

Veggie frittata with baconFresh fruit cup with mint garnish

stuffed french toast


Our breakfast room with lots of sunlight and tables for each room.