Seagrove, NC Lodging at Duck Smith House

Built in 1914 by William “Lola” Trogden this beautiful old farmhouse, now a cozy Seagrove, North Carolina bed and breakfast, stood overlooking 50 acres of tobacco farmland – what is now the heart of hand-made pottery country.

In the mid 1920s the house was rented to the Hayworth Duckery “Duck” Smith family. Mr. Smith was a colorful character known for his participation in local politics of the time, and for always wearing a bow tie and white shirt while working his regular job as the janitor for the Seagrove school.  His grandson, Layne, was born in the what is now the Waverly Room and has visited the home several times with his wife and granddaughter.  So the history goes on.  Layne and his wife, Scottie came in October 2017 to celebrate his 90th Birthday.  As always he wanted to stay in His room … The Waverly Room.

Sometime around 1932, Lola Trogden needed to sell the house so “Duck” Smith and his wife would have to move out and Johnny Asheworth would purchase the “Duck Smith” house from Lola Trogdon in 1932.

By 1933 Johnnie Asheworth, his wife, son James and daughter Mabel would move in. During the years they lived there it is believed that electrical wiring (external coiled metal tubing) was brought to the house.  Their son James has visited the house and stay over night in 2011 when he had a school reunion here in Seagrove.  October 2017 James had his family here to celebrate his 90th Birthday.  We are sorry to say that James passed away in November 2017.

In 1951 the property was purchased by Raymond Brim for his family of six. The house remained the Brim home, and the homestead of a 50 acre working tobacco farm, until its purchase in early 1997 by Sarah Naradzay. Following the restoration of the structure, The Duck Smith House, opened for business as a bed and breakfast inn serving the Greater Asheboro area in the fall of 1997.  Sarah who was going back to school for her masters decided to sell the house to devote her time to her daughter and her studies.  We are always delighted when Sarah stops by for a visit.

The Brim family has visited the house several times during the restorations and even daughter, Linda, has stayed overnight several times for her birthday.

November 2005 saw the purchase of The Duck Smith House by sisters Barbara and Suzanne Murphy. The home has been restored once again, providing fine Seagrove NC lodging. Barbara and Suzanne planned on keeping the farmhouse feel but with a more luxurious look.

New owners as of March 2020 are Marcia & Mark Willette from Ocala, FL.  A wonderful couple with lots of personality which will be an asset to the bed & breakfast.  The two of them will greet you with warmth and wanting to make your stay as memorable as Barbara and Suzanne did.

On August 28th 2022, Marcia & Mark Willette sold the B&B to Jessica and Jeremy Steinhart and returned to Ocala , FL.

Marcia would like to thank all of the guests who supported her through her 2 1/2 short years as owner for their support and friendships. And misses the B&B every day.

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