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Starworks Glass – Pumpkin Patch

January 22nd, 2020 by ducksmith

Starworks Glass – Pumpkin Patch

Starworks Glass in October
One of a kind hand crafted glass blown pumpkins
Pumpkin Patch 2015 at Starworks Glass – Star, NC
Choose from more than 2,000 hand crafted glass pumpkins in all sizes, colors and shapes.  Looking for a purple pumpkin, orange, blue, red, green and more.  These are one of a kind hand-blown glass pumpkins.  Find your pumpkin in the pumpkin patch but be careful if you try picking them up by the stem as that can cause them to break. Looking for a small hand crafted pumpkin, they will have them.  There are also different shaped glass pumpkins.
Beautiful centerpieces for your Thanksgiving table or sitting on a shelf for all to see.  Different colors and different sizes of Starworks Glass Pumpkins.
Starting at 10:00 am & ending at 1:00 pm
100 Russell Drive, Star, NC 27356

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